Comprehensive experiment kits

Do all curriculum-recommended experiments at home



Premium quality

World-class quality lab equipment (glassware, plasticware, chemicals, & equipment) meeting Indian as well as European standards. Strict quality testing procedures to ensure safety while doing experiments



Complete learning support

Complete demo videos for all the experiments, Viva-voce questions and e-mail based support






Home !!

33 High quality lab reagents

  • Conduct experiments multiple times
  • Large quantities of reagents
  • Imported quality salts

  • 40+ export-quality lab equipment

  • 8 test tubes, holder, retort stand
  • Beakers, funnel, cylinder, droppers
  • Spirit lamp, lab thermometer, pH papers

  • World-class safety gear to ensure safe environment

  • Imported nitrile gloves
  • 3M eye-glasses
  • Spill-proof PP packaging

  • Please email at info.improove@gmail.com for chemical refills


    Test your readiness with MCQs curated by Kota faculty

    Why you will love us...

    We have designed unique experiment kits for students of middle (Class VI to X) and high school (XI and XII). These comprehensive kits help in accelerating your child's learning - by making it more real.

    Develop scientific aptitude

    Doing experiments signficantly enahnce your child's interest in science & technology, while fueling curosity and scientific aptitude

    Exponential learning curve

    Scientifically proven that learning by doing increases child's understanding and retention of key concepts

    Highly recommended by teachers

    Our kits are not only recommended by reputed teachers across India, several schools have adopted them as part of curriculum

    Experiential learning

    Based on globally accepted Kolb's Experiential Learning Model, our expriment kits provide practical and real-life glimpse of science to students.

    Comprehensive kits

    Kits have been designed by experts to ensure that all the experiments recommended by CBSE can be done at home, without you needing anything extra

    Online App-based support

    Improove App provides detailed videos explaining the underlying concepts & procedure. Question bank of over 5,000 Viva-Voce questions cements understanding of concepts.

    International quality

    High quality labware (glassware, plasticware, chemicals and equipment) to ensure safety & consistency. Labware conforms to Indian and European manufacturing standards

    Designed by experts

    Experiments designed by highly reputed and experienced teachers in respective fields. Simple yet thorough instruction booklet, videos and Viva-voce questions by experts

    Proven impact

    Kits highly recommended by teachers and students accross India. Visible posiitve impact seen in understanding levels and interest of students towards science


    Complementary App to provide detailed videos, viva-voce questions and quick response to queries...

    • Videos by exprienced faculty detailing the underlying concept of each experiment, along with step-by-step explaining of steps and discussion of results
    • Question bank of over 5,000 viva-voce questions - to cement the concept learning
    • Quick response to students' queries over email

    I thoroughly enjoyed doing experiments with Improove Kit. Clear videos as well as detailed instruction booklet was very helpful...


    Karthik S

    Class VII, TSR, Gurugram

    Remembering chemistry concepts became so easy after doing experiments myself at home !! Really enjoyed doing chemistry experiments with parents...


    Shreya S

    Class IX, DPSG

    I loved the quality of the lab equipment and reagents used in this kit. Initially I thought it to be a another toy, but it seems like a real game changer in learning...


    Smt. Rekha Sawhney

    Senior Chemistry Faculty